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The veloteers

Who are the Veloteers?

The Veloteers are a network of cyclists making a difference big or small in their local area. Join the network – feed in your ideas and help improve cycling in your neighbourhood. You will receive support and encouragement to give you the tools to help you campaign. No specialist skills are required but if you have any experience in campaigning or transport this would be welcome.

What do ICAG veloteers do?

ICAG Veloteers can get involved in some or all of the following:

(a) Respond positively on behalf of ICAG to local consultations on road safety and other schemes that may impact upon cyclists
(b) Keep an eye open for other local consultations that might have an impact on cyclists, and respond positively on behalf of ICAG
(c) Identify appropriate sites for cycle parking and other facilities
(d) Report on issues that might impact on cyclists such as potholes
(e) Act as an ambassador for ICAG/LCC
(f) Build links with other local groups
(g) Escalate issues as appropriate

Veloteers have recently been involved in lobbying councillors over loss of access to Huntingdon Street; adopting potholes to monitor how quickly they are filled in and videoing their journey to work.

To see some of the picture from our launch event, click here

How to get involved?

Please contact Alison Dines or 020 7226 7012 if you would like to find out more.

Flying the flag for cycling in your neighbourhood…