Maintenance workshops

Wednesday evening workshops

These are on the fourth Wednesday of each month (except August and December).

  • Time: They run from 7pm – 9.00pm.  We charge £1 (50p unwaged) per session towards costs.
  • Venue: The workshop is at Sunnyside Community Centre. It’s at the corner of Sunnyside Rd and Hazelville Rd, N19. (off Hornsey Rise).
  • Contact: Adrian Williams 07810 211 902 for further information.
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  • Rachel

    Hi there, is this still acurate information?

    • A-k

      Yes, I was there today (Wednesday 26/2/2014) and went a couple of times in summer & winter 2013.

  • Javier

    Hi, I would like to know if there will be a workshop this month (2013 March).
    Thanks in advance!

    • Adrian Williams

      The workshop continues as advertised. The only problem is that we have less room than before while working in a portacabin instead of the fire-damaged community centre. Make sure you go into the yard at the junction of Sunnyside Rd and Hazellville Rd to find the entrance.

  • Jacq

    Am I right in thinking the next session will be on Wednesday 28 May?

  • paul c

    Hello when will there be a next bike workshop on a wednesday? Tomorrow? Or starting august?

  • Louise

    Hello, when is the next workshop taking place please?

    • Adrian Williams

      Wednesday Jan 28th 2015.

  • Kate

    Hello, when’s the next workshop? Do I need to sign up or just turn up? Thanks

    • John A

      No just turn up. Best bet is to text Adrian, number above. But I’ll send him a link to your comment.