Get involved

Got an itch to make Islington a bit better? Think it could be nicer to cycle? Worried about public health? Want to do something empowering, and actually make a difference?

Then you’ve found the group for you.

There are lots of ways of getting involved, and the most precious thing to give is your time, whether that’s 2 minutes responding to various consultations or a bit longer in developing group responses and campaigns, it all makes a difference.

You should consider becoming a member of the London Cycling Campaign as well. Not only do you get a host of great benefits, like discounts in bike shops, but you will also really add weight to our voice with politicians and civil servants.

We’ve had enormous success lately, but we need more members to keep the momentum.

We’re also always looking to collaborate with other local organisations, so if that sounds fun, let us know how we could work together.

To get in touch about something specific or anything else, tweet @islingtoncycle , facebook, or email the coordinator at

We look forward to chatting soon, or seeing you at our monthly meetings: The 2nd Wednesday of the month 7.30pm at the Town Hall in Upper St.




  • Tussyisme2

    St Paul’s Road: from roundabout to Highbury Grove turning – highly dangerous stretch for cyclists: parked vehicles, left turn to the Fields, narrow, buses…

    Suggest restricted parking: double yellows with limited loading times, and any other measures members can think of.

safer streets, cleaner air, happier people